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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Election 2015

Poll numbers came in ... So did Life, but that's my problem ... And here are the latest numbers:

Fox News Poll
30JUL - 02AUG 2015
475 Republican Primary Voters
MOE +/-  4% 

26%. Trump*
15%. Bush*
09%. Walker*
07%. Carson*
06%. Cruz*
06%. Huckabee*
05%. Rubio*
05%. Paul*
03%. Christie*
03%. Kasich*
02%. Florina
02%. Sanatorium
01%. Perry
01%. Jindal
<01%   Pakati
00%. Graham
00%. Gilmore

——————. ——————. ——————. ——————. ——————

So the top 10 folk get to go to the debate tomorrow night (Thursday). 

I guess Trump has gotten the highest score ever received since they started asking this question in 2013 ... Wait, that means it's just for this race, none of the other Presidential race - so no big surprise then ... 

A few things that struck me:

Why 10 candidates?  Wouldn't the top 5 be better for the people to get a choice and the moderator to handle?  Wouldn't it keep the questions more easy to answer by everyone? Wouldn't there be less thumb twiddling going on with fewer people on stage?

Why only 475 voters?  That seems like an awfully small number of people ... I would think at least 1001 would have been better -- you can't tell me they couldn't find 1001 people to answer their question from the republican rolls.  Or did they simply put it up on their website and have people say "yes I'm a registered republican" without checking to see if their fingers were crossed?

So will Trump actually show up?  And if he does, will everyone that he has CRAPPED on go after him on stage?  I want to see Christie's temper meet Trump's on stage and LOUDLY!  This could be goooooooooood!

I am also a bit worried about them not putting both Fiorina or Jindal on the stage ... It really smacks of discrimination ...  I know Carter is up there, Cruz & Rubio too, but still - it would be nice to have a woman and another ethnicity heard from - but more on them later.

Why aren't any other stations going to be covering this event?  You would think being the FIRST debate of the electoral season they would be all over it ... Didn't FNC send out invites?  Or did the others just not want to play?

Hmmm ... We will see

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