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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Election 2016

Sen. kasich (R-OH)

He's stumping in New Hampshire right now ... Amazingly he is sitting at #2 in GOP polls!

Why amazing? 

Because he is taking bits of Trumps message and adding it to his own ...

Now he wants a WALL along the SOUTHERN BORDER of the country but will give AMNESTY to those already here ...

In other words, he's put out the word of "hurry, hurry, hurry!"  .... You thought it was bad when Obama announced the American Dream act and we were flooded with young folk??  Give this a bit of time to trickle down and we are gonna get flooded with illegals yet again'

Actually, the whole Walł business will NOT fix the problem -- in fact it ignores the majority of the issues we are having.

1) ILlegals are NOT just from South of the Border ... There are an incredible number from all over the world who come on visas and then never leave.

2) This subject makes it easy to paint the Republican Party with the racist brush .... Because no one seems to understand that ILlegals are from ALL nations, not just Hispanic ones.

3) they are ignoring the LAW which is being IGNORED already by those elected to protect and ENFORCE the laws as they are written!  Do we not remember that everyone swears to DEFEND & PROTECT the laws of the nation?? At least until CONGRESS changes Em?

Yes, Congress does that - not the President with some pen & cell phone (as he said way back when)

I am totally shocked that the GOP is being so ..... Um ..... 


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