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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nuclear Deal

So the Iranian nuclear deal -- that thing that Obama was hoping would give him yet another Prace Prize -- has taken a new turn ...

Along the lines of letting kids grade their own papers (and hoping they do it honestly) Iran will be ale to CHECK THEMSELVES to be sure they are following all the rules!

Hmmmmmm .....

So, I guess we would let Saddam Hussien check his own Weapons cache to make sure there were no chemical weapons there ... or at least allow his own people into the northern Kurdish settlements to make sure no one was hurt.

Or we'd let Hotler make sure on his own that everyone's Rights were being taken care of ....

Or have ISIS tell us if they are doing anything wrong?

How about letting Putin decide if he is overstepping in the Ukraine? 

How can Obama & Kerry not see the issue here?

The worse part is .... And this is pretty bad no matter what angle you look at it from, no matter who's perspective .... Is that the free-hand "check yourself" deal is coming from .... THE UN!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - the body of nations who is supposed to be looking for World Peace (remember that it was created so we would never again have another World War situation) is going to let them decide whether they meet the standards laid out by the UN itself.

Wish I could have done this in college ... I would have been a straight A+ student!

We're screwed .... Israel has got to be shaking/quaking in its sandals -- I sure as hell would be!

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