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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Does It REALLY Matter?

Forbes Magazine is calling Trump a LIAR!!!!

At least as far as his WORTH is concerned ....

Donald Trump, very public ally said he was worth $10 Billion when he ran ... He said he wasn't doing this to make money (yeah right) ... He said he wasn't going to take any Special Interest money, he would use his own (after all, he's a Special Interest all on his own) ...

Forbes says he is worth ONLY $4.5 Billion!,


Does it really matter at that point?  

I mean ... He will have to pay only half the taxes that he says he will have to ... But - REALLY? - you gonna argue over $4.5 billion?

Granted it would take a bite out of the National Debt ... But then we don't expect the President to do that ...

And it does raise issues with Trump honesty ... But I think his marriage record does that ...

Apparently this is an on going battle that they have had for nearly 20 years or so ... 

To his defense, Trump said Forbes is a "bankrupt magazine" ... Hmmm ... During the debates when Carly Fiorina brought up all the times (FOUR) Trump declared bankruptcy, he said he only used the full extent afforded him by law ...

Hmmmmm ....

Sounding like a Democrat!

Youngest man to make Forbes richest people list?  Evan Spiegal, age 25 ... Creator of SnapChat (look on your kids phones, it's there)

Youngest woman?  Elizabeth Holmes, age 31 ... Founded TheraNotes (I think that's what they said)

Oldest Person: David Rockerfeller, 100 yrs old!!!!!!!  Standard oil & Chase Bank 

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