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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Economic Education

What are the GOP Candidates worth?

According to Forbes Magazine:

$4.5 Billion. Donald Trump
$58million  Carly Fiorina
$45million Hillary Clinton (without Bill's income of over $200million a year, I guess)
$32 million. Ben Carson

$2million (tie) Rand Paul/Rick Santorum 
$1million Lindsey Graham
$700,000 Bernie Sanders
$100,000 Marco Rubio
$0 Martin O'Malley (yup that's right $0 to his name ... Although he was GOVERNOR of Maryland!)

I'm betting everything is in his wife's name!  Kind of like John Kerry .... John McCain .... Barracks Obama ... 

It's a funny way to hide money from the public ... They should have to also give the worth of their spouses and children living within the home as well ...

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