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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

So Obama is up in Alaska ... Where he officially named Mt. McKinley Mt. Denali - the name the Alaskans chose for the peak a long time ago, but that's a whole different story - and to jump on the Global Warming/ Climate Change bandwagon yet again ... 

"I've come here today as the leader of the worlds largest economy and its second largest imitter, to say the United States recognizes our role in creating this problem, and we embrace our responsibility to to help solve it.  And I believe we can solve it!"

According to the news, scientists say that the artic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the nations, sea ice is arriving later in the Fall and melting sooner in the Summer.  This year Alaska has lost 5 million acres to wildfires, that's about as big as Massettuchettes ...

Things he does NOT say ...

No increase in surface temps in about 15-20 years, since winters are colder they even out pretty much

Less sea ice means Alaska can both send and receive goods more readily -- remember the majority of their goods are still shipped in instead of trucked or trained in

The US has only TWO ice breaker vessels to keep these lanes open ... But if your worried about not enough sea ice that should be okay ... Smaller bits of ice melt faster.

Russia, on the other hand, has FORTY-ONE ice breakers working the artic sea!  

Wait --  I thought Obama said WE were the ones causing issues up there?

No - I think Russia is!

Well Obama not wanting to look weaker than he already does ... and he REALLY does look like the before for one of those Charles Atlas comic book ads, politically speaking ... Has vowed to make & send ONE MORE by 2020!  

Yes, they just have to wait FIVE more YEARS!

"In the Artic ice breakers are seen as Highways of the Artic - and right now Russia has a Super Highway, and we have Dirt Roads with Potholes.  The Russians have 40 ice breakers!"
Dan Sullivan (R)
Alaskan Senator

)-( === )-(. === )-(. === )-(. === )-(. === )-(. 

So why is Obama flexing his political muscles in Alaska?

Because he is finally paying attention to them and their doings up there!

Why is Russia breaking up so much ice?

Why is Russia planting their flag on the SEA BED UNDER the North Pole?

Why is Putin doing MILITARY maneuvers in the North Sea??

These "excessive a" were made up of 

40,000 troops
dozens of Warships

Scientists figure a whole 40% of Earths oil & natural gas supplies are under the artic ... That's a LOT for one spot!  That's more than in the Middle East

"We do not seek to make Russia an enemy, but make no mistake - while Vladimir Putin may be intent on turning back the clock in Russia, he cannot turn the clock back in Europe."
Ashton Carter
US Defense Secetary

And since Obama basically ignored Russia when it was doing its flyovers last year they have now re-established Soviet era MILITARY bases in the Artic!  It is even building Search&Rescue stations along its side of the Artic shores 

I don't know how Obama could have missed Putin's intention since after they invaded/liberated Chimia in the Ukraine they PULLED OUT of the ARTIC COUNCIL! The Council is made of the 8 nations who all have a bit of the Artic circle within their borders, no matter how small.

Hmmm, I wonder what he was thinking, that Putin?

Did I mention that our response is ... To PULL THREE THOUSAND TROOPS from Alaska because of Budget Cuts ...

Way to go Obama & Congress!  Let's put the credit where it belongs .... Congress for not passing a budget and the President for not saving the military's portion of it ... Who-hoo!

But don't worry ... Alaska still has some of the LOOSEST (is that a word?) gun laws in the nation so they should be able to hold their own for a while ...

Hopefully, Obama won't have a golf game scheduled that day so he can think about sending troops, while Kerry compares it to Vietnam - don't worry though, I'm sure he will be for it before he's against it .... JOKE ...

Oh man ...

Whoever thought putting someone in as Secetary of State someone who threw a Medal of Honor back over the White House fence -- don't worry, it came out during the 2004 election that it really wasn't HIS medal as he had claimed for decades but that of an acquaintance -- oh wait ... Obama did!

But then ....

He thought Hillary Clinton would make a good one too ....

We are so SCREWED!!!!

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