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Friday, September 04, 2015

Ups & Downs

Well ... It was another ugly .... UGLY ... Day on the markets

They were hoping that the market would have picked up since China was closed for a holiday today but - alas - no such luck ...

Yup - as ugly as Hillary in the morning .... Trump without his hair products ... Senator Reid .... 

You get the idea ...


USA jobs report happened.

While the unemployment rate dropped to 5.1% -- the lowest it's been in like 10 years they say -- the number of jobs added wasn't as high as they had hoped .... Only 173,000

Then to top it off -- they are finding that most of the jobs being created were/a MINIMUM WAGE jobs

What does that mean?  

1) Less money making its way around
2) more people needing help for housing/food
3) fears that the government will be raising the minimum wage faster than the market can bear

This week ALONE the market has lead a net loss of -500.00 puts or so

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