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Monday, December 07, 2015

Presidential Speech on Terrorism

Well, last night the President gave a speech ... from what I read BEFORE the speech (like the day before) the media figured - assumed, perhaps - that there was a terrorist attack threat which POTUS/DC had kept quiet on before San Bernadino but not San Bernadino itself ... But because of the CA shooting he was going to come out with the information.


President Obama said .... well .... NOTHING NEW!

Well that's not exactly true ... He did say that we were going to roll out a 4 point plan for handling ISIL (their old name, I think the L is the original name for Syria but I'm likely wrong) ....

He however did NOT give any indication as to what the 4 points are ... Nothing new there!

He says he does not want to put "boots on the ground" over seas - he has said that before - but remember, his administration just said that Armed Forces can no longer keep women out of front line rolls based on gender.

This move does several things but that's a whole different blog post ...

So .... No new troops ... So I guess we are going to use the Donald Trump approach to foreign policy -- aka "Let the other guy do it"

We aren't going to "intern" Muslims .... Nor should we - if we've learned nothing from WW2, it's that netting people based on race/creed/nationality is WRONG.  It doesn't help, it just causes us issues and puts us on the same level as those we are fighting.  Bit of is different, those are enemies/combatants ... but again, different post.

I'm thinking his 4 points are:

it seems par for course, though doesn't it?

I hope you all know I'm only joking.

::--:: ::--::

Here is some thing that IS serious ... People are not very comfortable with the Presidents job concerning terrorism ...

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