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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Or the JACKASS's mouth in this case ...

"... Right now we are seeing a lot of infringements upon Rights that are important to all of us, by this I mean we're talking about political candidates that can very likely be our next President who are saying things like we should register all Muslims, be investigated and looked into, or that the families of terrorists should be killed without due process, or the latest thing that was said was that that it was known that it was a terrorist act that was committed simply because the person had an Islamic last name ... "
Lawyer for Farook Family


Who the hell ever said anything even close to killing their families???

I'm pretty sure the MEDIA (aka news stations) would have jumped all over that!

Didn't see a darn thing on it -- IT DID NOT HAPPEN

He has to be a Clinton supporter, he believes in the "what Difference Does It Make" theory of law I guess .... 

Also ... What's an "Islamic" last name?

Wow .... I think this guy has some real issues of his own ... I think Americans are smart enough to realize that just because you have a certain last name dictates who you are ... Few Sawyers are actually sawyers .... Few Smiths are actually smithies .... Not every one of Hispanic/Latino decent is illegal .... Nor everyone named Mohammed a Muslim .... Nor everyone named a biblical name Christian.

My understanding is that the wife not only looked at the ISIS video material but hit the "like" button ... That kind of tells a bit about her.  Just like the off colored jokes tell you a lot about the people who tell them ... I believe the user of that account also liked their page, but I may have misunderstood that.

Now their concerns over the journalists getting into the apartment/home they rented are very founded ... The networks (especially MSNBC I've been told) showed all sorts of stuff they shouldn't have ... From a drivers license to baby toys to photos of people not related to what happened ...  That's really BAD

Sue the landlord .... Sue the news companies .... Do not generalize it to the public though!

Wow ... What ASSES!

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