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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Ok, now I have heard Trump say he would "take out" the families of the terrorists ...


Why is this man even being considered by people?

When will we grow a brain and say NO to him?

Does he have lots of money? Perhaps -- lets see his tax return first, I just know it's more than I've got

Is he a good business man?  Questionable, he's declared bankruptcy 4 times to get out of debt on projects ... But I guess that "allowed" where he comes from

Is he faithful? Well ask Ivan's .... Marlena ... Whoever this latest wife is ...

Well I'm getting off topic here ...

The quote:

" ... you have to take out their families - they, they care about about their lives don't kid yourself - but they say they don't care about themselves, you have to take out their families. ..."
Donald Trump
Phone call
"Fox & Friends", FNC


In America we DONT. DO. THIS. SORT. OF. THING.

Now this is the first I've heard the media pick up on it ..... So I'm wondering where else this "man" has spouted this .... CRAP .... for lack of a better term, since those lawyers for the Farook family said it in his speech.

HMMMM ....

I'm starting to wonder if Trump isn't a closeted Skin-Heaad .... Maybe that's why people think it's his hair .... It's all just a giant wig!

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