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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Okay - I just got a really strange call ... someone looking for info on a property their grandparents owned & great-grandparents owned (2 separate properties) several .... like waaaaay long ago .... granted he was looking for my hubby but I thought I'd "feel him out" 

Oh my gods!

He had most facts about the layout of the land WRONG ... He was talking intersections where there are none, have never been any ... Well, not that I know of.

Okay so 20-25 minutes into the conversation and after going over the boundaries of the city a few times he says "I guess I should pull up a map of the city"


NOW you're going to look at a map?

He said he was just doing a bit of research but I don't know ...

He seemed to be trying to find out just where property lines were ...

I gave him the name of the family who has low end property here for 3 generations and I hope they can help him.

I totally understand trying to connect with your past, and it's harder to do with your maternal side ...

But geez, for someone who said they had an interim do research ... he sure didn't know very much

He even said he's been on the road in question ...


I'm sorry, you've been where??

I'm sorry ... I never knew my grandparents (accept my babka but she only spoke in Polish so I didn't understand) and I know more about where my family came from ... Maybe not so much about my moms side but I know she came from North Dakota

I just hope this guy isn't really trying to stir up problems for the new property owners ... 

I would think that they likely sold out during the Depression era ... maybe he's going to claim they were robbed their property and try to get it back ...

Maybe - and more likely - he's just a lonely guy looking for links to his past.

But ... DONT BUG ME about it!


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