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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oh H.E.L.L. NO!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm watching the "Special Report" from last night (Wednesday 10jan2016) and happened on the News Around the Country segment .... They have little snippets from FoxNews affiliates around the nation.  This time it was from Los Angeles, CA

The LA school District has DECLARED itself an AMNESTY ZONE!

They will no longer allow FEDERAL officers on any of its property to ENFORCE THE LAW

The Immigration agents will have to go through paperwork & red tape to get PERMISSION to get onto the property.


They say that since January I.C.E agents have conducted a series of raids looking for Central American ILlegals.

--@--  --@--  --@--  --@--  
So, the school district is an ACCOMPLICE to the breaking of a FEDERAL LAW


Arrest the members of the School Board who voted for this ... Arrest the School Super-Intendent 

Take as hard a stance on the issue of BREAKING THE LAW as you do the freaking school lunch program!!!!!!

My Gods -- GROW A PAIR

Borrow Michelle's if you have to!

This is ridiculous!

They - teachers - fall under the preview of the Department of Education

The district falls under the Department of Education


Remind them that they are an arm of the FEDERAL government .... you know they are .... 

This is not about prayer, this is not about saying the Pledge of Allegence .... This is about ILLEGAL ACTIVITY

You wouldn't let them keep you away from drug pushers, child molesters, terrorists ... Why the heck can they keep you from getting illegals??

Cut their funding

Once they can't pay their electricity/gas/teachers/etc. they will change their minds

Sometimes ....

I miss the Nixon days 

But .... Just sometimes

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