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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Economic Education

I was watching FNC from Monday - aka Tax Day - and saw this bit of mis-information

13.1% New York
11.8% Hawaii
11.1 Maine
11.1% Vermont
10.9% Connecticut 

6.9%. South Dakota
6.8% New Hampshire
6.5% Tennessee
5.9% Delaware
5.1% Alaska

This is such a lie!  North Dakota isn't even listed - they have NO income tax there.

In my state sales tax is over 8% but then there's city & county tax making it near 10% ... and then there's state income tax.

By the time they are done taking everything out, not including health insurance, we are getting about half hubby's paycheck.  

And if these are just sales tax figures then - what are people really paying I their states?!

And the democrats want to take MORE?! From WHERE????

Remember that the PRESIDENT of the untied states .... Mr Barack Obama himself .... Paid like 17% tax rate this year ...

Yup - he earns over $400,000/yr ... not to mention the fees that go into a blind trust as well as money made on any stocks he owns - and you know he does - which is pretty much TAX FREE during his terms ....

Remember - these are the same people who talk about there being rich people not paying enough taxes ... Hmmmmmm

Also remember, that once gone he & his family - will still get secret service protection paid by tax payers, security systems paid by us, and he will get his presidential pay for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!!

Yes, we are paying for both Bushes, Clinton, and Carter! 

Wow .... Good thing they want us to pay more TAXES ... 

You know, whether it's Trump or Clinton, the Prez is getting one heck of a raise!

But -- I digress ... 

New Hampshire
South Dakota

New York
North Dakota (the worst)

This was based on amount of tech people can get, hospitals, crime ...

Wait -- North Dakota has few big cities and lots of open space kinda makes sense that it's gonna take a while to get to a hospital or find Internet ... But crime isn't that bad - that's why people own guns there, it takes a while for the cops to show up ... but no worse than in Chicago or Minneapolis (once took near 15 minutes just to get them to pick up 911 call!)

I notice no one is looking at the unconstitutionality of them come tax system though ... HMMMM ... I, betting no one wants to be audited.

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