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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Election 2016

I have not written much at all ... mostly because, well, I am STILL undecided.

I don't know which of Satans kids to vote for ... I feel like that's what I'd be doing!
Normally - though not always - I tend to find the republican nominee fits my views a bit better.  

This year though ... YUK!

Hillary wants a 65% DEATH tax -- that means you have to pay to die ... Not just that but 65% of your "estate". What's an estate? ANYTHING you leave behind ... Your house, your car, your PETS (they are property under the law), your clothes, your money, your jewelry, anything you inherited ... ALL of it
So if you are planning on leaving anything to your kids you better make sure you leave 65% of your worth in CASH for them.  Oh, and FARMERS - estate rich, money poor folk in general really - it is likely your kids will have to sell your land, sorry.  That house that's been in your family for a few generations, likely will be gone ... Grandmas China? Better hope it's just cheap crap.

Trump on the other hand, has a history of wanting to use Eminent Domain to get land he needs to put up casinos & buildings ... There was a famous case in NJ where he tried to get one ladies house so he could put in a PARKING LOT for the casino he wanted to build.  This sucks!
So farmers could have land taken from them if a city wants to expand its borders for housing, if there's a pipeline that wants to go through and you refuse - tough toenails!

Either one screws over farmers!

Neither one is very trustworthy, I mean they are both being nvestigated by the government ... Her by the FBI, he by the IRS ...

I've got an issue with Hillary claiming her gender every time someone speaks out against her, but says being a woman shouldn't mean she should be treated differently ... Except maybe by the news.

Now I did vote for Bill the first run ... Bush 1 just looked so tired and in an nterview we saw he didn't even look like he WANTED to job anymore ... Clinton offered a lot of stuff -- I was newly wed, pregnant, had my first real job, hubby & I just bought a house, and I owed money on student loans ... I was stupid (probably from the pregnancy) and Clinton promised a lot of stuff we thought we'd benefit from. No student loan payments if you worked as a teacher was a big one for me -- of course they didn't say daycare teacher rent ncluded in that but then it didn't go through either ... They did give daycare workers a raise though - as a teacher I got a whole 10cents/hour raise!  Yeah, that's it.

So you can see why I'm rather skeptical of everything Hillary says.
Then there's the whole disaster that was her time as Sec of State ... Holy crap

I don't want to vote for an off-party candidate because that would be akin to tossing my vote away ... Or worse ... We could end up with a Jesse Ventura type president!

Oh wait -- Trump!

Trump might be good for the economy, but I'm kind of worried that he will simply wipe out what we owe in debt and that's not good either.

I just don't know ...

Latest electoral prediction map from FNC

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