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Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's been a while

I didn't forget ... it's just quicker to tweet than blog :-/

Well I feel awful today ... hubby is having an awful time at work.  He comes grumpy and grouchy ... Today he says he wants to quit.

I would say "go for it" but we need at least $3000 - $4000 a month to keep our heads above water ... My eyes are failing, but I haven't been able to tell him - why add to his worries - so the changes of my being able to get a job is nearly nil.

I suppose I could do paper crafting or knitting/crocheting for a living but then I am looking at deadlines & multiples of the same pattern ... I hate BOTH of those things

The worse part is ... I haven't been canning for the last couple years.  I figured all was good - but now I see that if something were to happen we would be hurting.

I guess I can start canning up what's in the freezers, that will extend their shelf lives by 3-5yrs.

Needed to clean the freezers out anyways ... But that will have to wait until next week because we still haven't closed the cabin -- we won't do that until end of November 

Hubby will still be making trips up there each weekend though to check on his parents.  His sister was supposed to take one weekend a month but she only did that a few times then it stopped ...
But she has issues of her own.

His older brother isn't allowed to drive by the state ... He's not ... Well, it's best he doesn't drive

Humbly has taken over the resort, pretty much, but those funds will only be enough to help his folks ... but even that won't start until next summer.

I feel so bad but there is NOTHING. Can do that will equal what hubby gets paid in a year.

I'm very worried about him.

His day starts at 4am, he leaves at 4pm if he's lucky, and they contact him on weekends & vacations without issue ... This year he did not get his 2 week vacation in the summer - he really needs that 2 weeks away from the office too.

He got one week, he'll take one at thanksgiving and one at Christmas time ... Then he will carry 2 weeks over for next year, he will lose at least  a week ...  

Use it or Lose it.


Time to think of solutions ... Time to pull up the undies and on the boots

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