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Friday, January 13, 2017


I'm trying to figure NO out information about a op-up I got from FoxNews stating the Justice Dept. saying that the Chicago police acted too aggressively ...

According the Loretta Lynch, the DOJ head, they have found that the Chi-town cops have used "assessive force" - in violation of the 4th Amendment (the one dealing with Search & Seizure , Maranda Rights, etc.) ... She blamed it on Training Procedures and then no-accountability for their actions.

So let me get this straight ...

Chicago has some of the TOUGHEST gun laws in the nation ... but as long as you are a gang member or hoodlum you are likely better equipped than the police ...

This city - which broke their all-time high in MURDER rates last year ...

Where gangs run wild - where you don't dare go into the streets at night if you can avoid it ...

They need to have "mellow" cops?!?!

Oh Hecks No!!!

I'm guessing that it will be VERY VERY SOON that Chicago will start experiencing "Blue Flu" where a LARGE number of officers will call in "sick" because of the LACK OF SUPPORT ...

They will find it HARD to find new recruits to take the place of officers who are retiring or getting killed on the job.

So what did the cops do that was so bad?

They tassered people who did not follow verbal commands ... and they say there were shots fired when none was necessary ...

I'm pretty sure that if the cops were running around shooting people 'just cuz' there would be numerous news stories on it! The Mayor, Ron Emmanuel - the Obama crony - would have been all over that crap!

They say that officers were trained by watching videos made decades ago ... um ... the crime in Chicago has only gotten worse than decades ago, but that's not being taken into account ...

They say cops are accurately accounting for their full use of force, and supervisors aren't reviewing the use of force enough ... if a guy come in bleeding, yeah I think you'd want an accounting but if you've got some gang member just yelling about abuse I can totally seeing it being met with a roll of the eyes ...

I've got NO sympathy for gang members ... these aren't the kids from West Side Story hear nor are they Arthur Fonzerelli's type of hood either ... these guys are more like, the Sopranos only with more attitude and less caring.

Just since Jan 1st of this year ... today's the 13th ... there have been more than 100 victims of shootings in the Chicago area!

They can not win ... I remember when Detroit was considered the Murder Capital of the nation ... now I hear people calling Chicago this

They did have a bit of a break in the 90s when many gang members were EXPORTED to Minneapolis, MN when they changed the residency requirements to get welfare/food stamps under Mayor Sayles-Belton.

Crime in the downtown and surrounding areas began to skyrocket.  To a point where the cities began to experience a peak in "urban sprawl" as people tried to get away from it.

Let's get it straight ... when crime goes up, you WANT an aggressive police!

If someone has a gun, I want Dirty Harry not Dr FeelGood on the premises.

Let. The. Cops. Do. Their. DAMNED. Jobs!

Or do it yourself ...

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