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Friday, January 13, 2017

FOLLOW-UP: Chicago Police Probe

The probe into the Chicago police department lasted 13 months and found the following items reasons for their conclusion that the CPD was overly aggressive:

Officers were poorly trained

Shot at vehicles

Shot at fleeing suspects

Used force for retaliation

Used force when there was no threat

Failed to de-escalate situations

The investigation was launched when a video showed a black youth fleeing police, and a white officer shooting him 16 times.

A)I don't think the color of either persons skin should matter, it does not make the officer any less/more a cop or the youth any more/less dead.

B)the video (if it's the one I'm thinking of, the tv didn't show much of it) shows the youth reaching back with his arm -- it was not long before this that another officer was KILLED in the same manner, and the shots were not fired by the officer until then ... but I might be wrong and this may not be that particular video.

Other conclusions from the probe: 

Investigations biased in officers favor

Not all cases were investigated

Discipline was haphazard

Racially discriminatory conduct not investigated

For the police part, they say that the majority of issues seem to happen in neighborhoods with high minority populations

The most trouble happens in Englewood - that neighborhood happens to be 97% African American

This will be one to watch ... remember that Chicago is a very Democrat based city, and they have a high number of people on federal aid of some sort or another.

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