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Friday, April 21, 2017

Emergency!! Emergency!!

Why is LA so costly to the USA?

This is part of it ...

They have declared a "Homeless Shelter Crisis" ... I have never heard of such a thing before ... this will allow short term homeless shelters ran by religious groups and other nonprofit organizations to avoid the red tape caused by the city government to make sure that the shelters are actually safe!

So how bad is the homeless shelter problem in Los Angeles?

Last year, they estimated the number to be around 28,000 people!!!

That is just one city ...

That is ran by one political party ... not the conservatives, i'm just saying

Where they just decided to start offering free community college for "residence" -- whether they are legal in the US or not, whether they have live there for more than a few months or not.  (see my previous post) 

In one single state…

Prone to beautiful weather ... no reason they can't sleep outside if you ask me

Prone to earthquakes ... I would think that the city would want to make sure that the buildings meet earthquake standards -- otherwise I can see a building falling during an earthquake, someone getting seriously hurt, and a lawsuit going back after the city for not respecting the building first!  

You know this is not going to end well

Can we give California back to Mexico now?

Or even better… Can we just annex Mexico??

Most of them seem to want to be US citizens anyways

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