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Friday, October 26, 2007

So what happened today in Your life? pt 4

Okay--so here we go. Mail came early today...I had to sign for a package...and in there was a letter from someone whom I did not recognize. It was a personalized return address label so I thought perhaps it was someone about the ACX...we've had over 100 people over the years in the exchange and I can't remember every one but I certainly didn't recall any body from Little Rock (that name always brings up some unknown song from my childhood, but the only words I remember are "...from Little Rock"--I figure it has to be from the Flintstones)

Anyways--in the letter was a chain letter/pyramid sceme~with a twist. Instead of the usual "send a dollar to 5 people..." schpeel it had a new bit---send envelopes to 200 people from a mailing list you buy from this one firm.


So I am supposed to take the word of someone I don't know, from a city who's name drives me crazy, to buy a list of names for $40 that I don't need, give my credit card info to someone who will do who knows what with...and they are trying to convince me that this is all completely legal?

No I don't think so....but thank you....I don't need help looking stupid.

So I called the post office and they took the info....I called the postal service fraud line and had to leave a message (they must get a lot of calls)....I called the states attorney's office thinking they would need to know....they in turn sent me to the FBI who now want me to forward the letter onto them.


On the bright side I think the package is from my HSS partner....on the down side I realized this morning that I had a major error on her socks and I had to take one sock all the way back to before the heel.

I need to write her a letter an let her know it came and that I will be clicking away on her socks this weekend--but with hubby out of town, there is just no way I will be able to get them off before Halloween.

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