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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More on Regia

Okay a bit of things I have learned:

Regia is a Coats product made in Denmark. It has several different varieties under each grouping....the fädig line (3,4,&6) each have a couple of subcatagories-usually based on the coloring styles.

I have two types of Regia now....and I'm glad.

The Bamboo Color which I just got....45% bamboo, 40% Virgin Wool (which they translated to "New Wool" on the label), 15% Polyamide. It is pretty soft, it has kind of a funny smell (but that could be due to shipping), it has a nice feel to it--can't wait to use it.

The first one I got is the Regia 4fädig Notion Color---boy did it take me a while to find the code for that double-dotted a, let me tell you!--it is 75% Virgin Wool, 25%Polyamide. Its made for socks but damn is it scratchy! The colors are nice and bright, but its so scratchy I'm almost afraid to work with it....Woolease nearly cuts my skin, I hate to think what this will do. Its making my feet itch just thinking of it as a pair of socks.

If you are interested in their other yarns, and can understand or muddlethru danish you can go to the Regia yarn webpage.

1 comment:

omly said...

Not that it is the softest yarn on the planet, but I do find that Regia does get better with washing. Maybe you could try washing a swatch and see if it gets better?

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