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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

small stash addition

Okay so started their annual fall yarn clearance and as a member I got a one week head start....well I was good (for once) and only added a small amount to my stash:

3 balls of Regia Bamboo (Blue Spot)

I've heard all the raging about the bamboo yarn so when I found that this was less than $5/ball, and having done my research on what other places charge-I jumped at it.

Three balls should be enough for a pair of socks for someone big, or two pair for someone small...haven't made up my mind yet.

Also got some pattern booklets though:

Leisure Arts book #3774..."Fur, Fur, and more Fur" has a pattern for boot cuffs in it--if you aren't familiar with these they go onto your boots like a set of spats or "boot socks" thing is, with the fake fur you can make Saskwatch boots in any color you want--you can change them to match your outfit too! Afghans, hats, mittens, a capelet (you can make a politically correct fur stole, and its machine washable!!!

Spin-off magazine's "Socks"....yep, nice simple title isn't it? 20 patterns in all! The only complaint I have with it so far-and I really haven't had a lot of time to puruse thru it yet-is that each patten has a sketching of a "yarn sample" that is supposed to be actual I'm assuming that this is meant for those who spin their own yarn; the one thing I was surprised to see because I hadn't seen it on any other pattern is that where it lists the materials needed it lists the yarn by approximate size (such as "fingering to lace-weight"), then it give the wrap/ I've seen WPI tools but never knew any patterns that used them so I have never had a use for one; some of the patterns are very specific as to yarn content (one asks for yarn that is three ply-one ply of silk, one of lambswool, the last of angora), I'm not sure if this is just to make sure that you will acheive a simular look or if it really makes that big of a deal to the pattern.

Three Cross-stitch Leaflets:
StitchWorld X-Stitch #03-249 "Life on the Farm"... apples, cows, chickens, barns, etc.
StitchWorld X-Stitch #03-200 "Medieval Pheasant Tapestry" goes with:
StitchWorld X-Stitch #03-209 "Medieval Swan Tapestry"... I really liked the "sampler" feel of them even though there aren't any alphabets or stitch varieties involved (just cross stitch), I like the little motifs I can pick out of them...houses, flowers, bunnies, flowering trees, squirrels, leaves, corn stalks, etc.

Now granted they were out of stock of some of the stuff I wanted...and I did order a bit the day before because they had some stuff on sale too....but really I was really good only getting the three balls of yarn.

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