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Friday, October 12, 2007

Yeah, step up people....

No one taking blame for Hannah ticket fiasco - Yahoo! News

Neither are the know why my kids never ask me to go to the latest concert? Because they were taught that there are better things to spend $100 on--like yarn....I mean a college education.

Unfortunately most parents are trying to be their kids friends instead of parents so the last thing they want to do is tell their kids that they couldn't get the tickets--so the secondary market knows that they could ask $200 for $50 seats and these morons are going to pay for it! Okay, that was harsh....I apologize....I guess all parents at some point have given in so they wouldn't see the pouty-face===but you've got to use some common sense, people!

If the system is set up unfairly then yes, there is some one to blame....the person who wanted that feature in there and the person who approved it. The promoters and stadiums who charge so much for tickets that you could feed a family of 4 for a month on the cost of taking them to see the artist(s). The concert goers who are willing to just roll over and say "$150? No problem".

And I'm talking all concerts not just the Hannah Montana type. All concerts these days are ripping people off--so are movie theaters for the most part.

Next time you hear about how much money a concert has made...think of number of tickets sold. When you hear about how much money a movie has made compared to another---remember the cost of the tickets at the the 40s it was a nickle for a whole day, in the 50s a quarter would get you a news reel, two cartoons, a B-movie, a serial, and the main movie --plus popcorn! Now a days its $10 a ticket for just the movie and popcorn is extra.

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