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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why is this news?? - Heating bills could rise significantly this winter

You know what would really be news???

The power company saying they were going to lower fuel charges-- but that will never happen!

They have us over a barrel.....who else is going to give us power & gas? They can pretty much charge what they want, what are we going to do--freeze this winter???

I swear the only reason they raise the price is because they know that we aren't going to use quite as much since the winter's have been relatively since they can't get the increased funds thru usage, they will do it with the prices.

And the government lets them. Although I do have to say that the state told them no once-after they had already charged customers for about 5 months-so they had to give a "credit" back to us.....of course we still haven't seen the credit from the TAX that was charged.

You know now that I think of it, some lawyer took that case and was suing to get the illegally gotten taxes back to the consumer as well----wonder what happened to that case??

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