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Monday, November 12, 2007

Okay----News stories!!

Well--he is a Cheesehead after all, now why couldn't they have published this story before Sunday's game???WI officer Taser's himself

Okay, so this officer shot his/her hand--which tells me they were holding the front of the taser! Okay even my 7 year old knows not to make contact with the prongs of the dog's bark collar, I can't imagine that this officer didn't know not to cover the front of the gun...especially since they were checking to see if there were CO cartridges in it!! You know the things that launch the prongs 10 ft to stick them into the perp?? Geez--what a cheese head!

No one could really be this stupid--could they??

Best to use tools to remove lugnuts

Yeah, you would thing this would be self evident but apparently this guy must have lost the manual for either the tire iron, the car, or his shot gun because I can't believe that any one in their right mind would have EVER thought this would work.

"Hey, I know! I'll shoot the big metal thing with a shot gun--that will get the tire off!"....ooooohhhh, I missed the part that said he was only 10 miles from Seattle--that explains it.

BUt what a way to go!!!

Herbal Sex Pills Posed Hidden Danger

Actually the reason that some of these herbal medicines "contain unregulated versions of the very pharmaceuticals they are supposed to replace" is because (a)the pharmacutical (sp?) have been using herbs and natural meds for a long time and have been charging the public huge prices while renaming the herbs to disquise it...and...(b)vitamins, herbs, and the like do not have to be regulated by the FDA-that's why I try to get certified organic herbs for my supplies. could go with a smile on your face--at least one would hope so.

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