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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TLC Macaroon

Okay so I ordered some supplies for Yule gift giving---to give away mostly, not add to my stash.

I got some TLC Macaroon in chocolate brown for making a hat and matching muff out of for my daughters...I thought a matching set would be so nice and the color in the thumbnail seemed to match the base hair color wonderfully, though maybe a shade lighter. just came. It is nothing like it should is described as having a soft chennille base with a short eyelash wrap/carrier certainly does not meet with my expectations of the term "soft", in fact it feels kind of is supposed to be a bulky weight (size 6) but it looks more like a worsted (size 4) even with the wrapped thread.

I don't think this is going to work out for what I want it for....I'm not sure what it will be good for either, not with it being as rough as it is.

I think I box it up and give it as a gift to someone...maybe my oldest daughter....she seems to working on some big giant squares--I don't think she knows just what to do with them yet, lol, but she's getting quite the collection of them....some in Outrageous Orange, some in Racy Red (both bernat frenzy)....some in some yarn I don't know-probably some RedHeart she snuck out of my stash.

Don't know....time will only tell what I will do with it yet.

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