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Thursday, November 08, 2007


I am so happy! I was in tears yesterday--literally! Hubby couldn't believe that I was bawling like a baby over a sock.

The first sock I did from the top down so the only thing I had to do was a three needle bind off at the the 3 needle bind off....but I have the small tag of yarn at the top of the sock to take care of yet.

The second sock I decided to do it from toe up....I hadn't done a toe-up before so I wanted a challenge--WHY???? Actually I like the toe up sock a lot---since the biggest down fall for me are cuffs (to much messing with keeping the cast on straight and then trying to work those spider-legs without much to keep them stable) the toe up sock gives the needles enough stability to make doing the cuffs much more statisfying--love them, the toe ups!

But when I got all the way to the end---my cast off was way too tight! I couldn't even get it over my heel (my partner and I have simular sized feet) so I know there was no way it would fit her...the other sock went on fine.

Boy did the tears of fustration fly! Funny part (?) is that while I was doing the bindoff I thought "watch it won't be stretchy enough"...pshhh....should have kept the negativity out of is actually a good thing I tried it on--I was going to just wash them up and send them out since I was so excited about getting them done and I am so far behind schedule.

Oh my poor partner! I hope she likes the things I have put together for her package....I still haven't opened the one she sent me--won't do it until after I get her's into the mail---it only seems fair.

Yes they are done! Now I just have to do one more thing to the top---but its a surprise and I know it will have the elasticity to make it work...heeeheeeheee.

I must remember to send extra yarn with the socks in case she needs to do any darning months from now.

I love these socks though--it will be hard to give them up!

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