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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Stash Alert!!

Okay but this has nothint--well very little--to do with yarn. My second addiction is jewelry supplies...and my "crack dealer" is Fire Mountain Gems online.

They are the best! Many of the really cute boxes and perfume boxes that you see in catalogs that you find on other sites first come from Fire Mountain and then get a huge mark up because the company that bought it put $2 worth of cording on it, or flocked the inside of the box, or I've seen some where they have done nothing at all to it--but the box that cost $5 at FM jumped up to $30 on the other site "just because that's what they charged for it".

They are very upfront with the quality of their gems--and we are talking great gems here, even their lower grade gems are beautiful....only once was I ever disappointed and that was because I didn't realize the wide range of color that amethyst comes in (it was almost pink instead of purple), but if I had simply done a tad more checking I would have realized this was the case.

So any how I found that some of my beading supplies had gone AWOL (my daughter borrowed my jewelry stuff to make presents for friends) so I had to order more things. *update 1/15/08...some of it has now shown up*

My order was placed online on 11/24/07 (Saturday night), I paid for Best Ground-regular shipping, and it was on my doorstep on 11/30/07----WOW. That is really impressive for regular shipping.

I decided this time to try a "new" brand for bugle & seed beads. Of course I ordered some of the old stand bys as well just to be safe (pardon the photos....I used our servalance camera to take them)

I have heard of Delica and Dyna-Mites before but I had not heard of Ming I just had to give them a try....I also got a no-name hank of blue came with 12 strands of 73 beads each=876 beads....1.3oz/37 grams.

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