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Friday, February 22, 2008 - 4 Dead in Minn. School Bus Crash Mourned - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - 4 Dead in Minn. School Bus Crash Mourned - Local News News Articles National News US News: "The investigation into the crash continued. The van driver, Alianiss N. Morales, was facing a charge of criminal vehicular operation, which alleges that 'driving conduct contributed to the death of another human being,' said Lt. Brian West of the Minnesota State Patrol.
Lyon County Attorney Rick Maes said he hoped to file formal charges against Morales on Friday after reviewing additional reports from law enforcement, including witness statements......West declined to comment on whether Morales, 23, had a valid driver's license. She was convicted in 2006 of driving without a valid driver's license, according to court records.
Morales was driving a van on Tuesday heading east on County Road 24, which has a stop sign as it intersects with state Highway 23, the road the bus was traveling, authorities said. The van struck the bus, which rolled over onto a pickup truck, police said.
The driver of the truck contended that Morales ran the stop sign, but West said he couldn't say whether that was the case..." Okay they won't say it...but our local news agencies will...
She is an illegal
She does NOT have a valid license (she can't, she's an illegal)
She did NOT have insurance on the car
Alianiss N. Morales is an 'alias'

Last year they tried to do a wide sweep of illegals in the general area around this town...which brought up many protests about how horrible it was.
Yeah....this was so much better, right?

She has no who will pay for the hospital bills of these families? She won't--my guess is she will probably get 5 yrs in jail for taking these 4 lives--she should also be deported as soon as her sentence is ifs, no ands, no 'fast tracking to citizenship'.

I'm interested in knowing who owned the van she was driving??
She couldn't have bought it from a dealer w/o a license, nor could she have registered it without proof of insurance ~and~ a valid who's vehicle is it?

Will the families be able to go after the registered owner of the van?

I hope it isn't a case of her having bought the van thru a private sale, and she didn't transfer the title afterwards. That would be totally shitty for the old owner.

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