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Friday, February 29, 2008

I agree....and disagree

"The pictures show Obama wearing traditional Somalian garb on a 2006 visit to the Wajir region of Kenya, where his late father was born.
'The US government must apologize to us as a clan and the old man,' Mohamed Ibrahim told Reuters, referring to a highly respected tribal elder who is also shown in the photos."
yes they should apologize for showing the elder without his permission....but it wasn't Hillary that did it, and for that matter it wasn't her campaign was newsmedia like Drudgereport that published the photo...before that it was a private email.
"...The Drudge Report said the photos had been forwarded by a Clinton staffer with an e-mail that said, "Wouldn't we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton]?"
Obama has fought a whisper campaign by fringe elements who wrongly say he is Muslim and have even compared his name to Osama bin Laden's, as well as highlighted his middle name, Hussein...."
They knew that his middle name was going to be an issue at the when his opponent for the senate seat accidentally called him Barrack Ossama. You knew this was coming up. I saw it from a mile off.
And yes...if it had been Hillary in this garb you WOULD see it all over the place...BUT, he knew the photographers were there and there was chance that this could come back and bite him in the butt.

I'm sorry. But I am tired of celebrities and politicians getting bent out of shape because something they did makes the headlines---they knew the water's before they went swimming---this is why I'm trying to stay formally out of politics as much as possible.

If you don't want to hear about it....DON'T FRICKING DO IT!!! Geez...we aren't talking about the idiot papparazzi that are sticking cameras in their face every time they are out in public (e.g. Brittany, Paris, Brad Pitt, George Clooney). In fact the photos taken were meant to be published...although this particular one may have been a reject since it showed the elder as well as Obama.
"...The elders said if they did not get an apology, they would demand the expulsion of US troops based near the town of Garissa in their region..."
Oh please! this is taking it a bit too far isn't it? The next question would be...if they are kicking us out, couldn't our government then kickout all their people who came here for a better life? Geez I hope not--I know a few of them, even took care of some children of Somali immagrants at the daycare when the state got the first 'wave' of them....they are really nice people! Except I found that they really dislike African-Americans....I won't repeat what they said because it is really bad-but I will say that they would fit in well with the ideals of the deep south (except for the whole coloring of their skin thing)

....Clinton herself has denied any involvement...

...Obama said in Tuesday's debate in Cleveland that he took Clinton at her word and was ready to set the issue aside...

Okay so Barrack says he believes Hill and this should now be set aside--even the Kenyan Embassy isn't commenting on it. C'mon media--take the cue and drop this crap...stop trying to make stories that aren't really there anymore.

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