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Thursday, February 28, 2008

RECALL: Cribs - Baby deaths linked to pillows, bedding in cribs:
"WASHINGTON (AP) - Safety officials announced a recall of 24,000 cribs Thursday and also warned parents against putting their babies to bed with pillows and other soft bedding that could suffocate them.
The 24,000 Indonesian-made cribs were recalled for putting children at risk of falling out. The cribs, imported by Munire Furniture Inc., have improper brackets that don't allow their mattresses to be fully lowered. This could allow children inside the crib to crawl over the railing and fall.
The recall includes the company's Majestic Curved Top, Majestic Flat Top, Essex, Brighton/Sussex and Captiva cribs with various model numbers. The cribs were sold at children's specialty stores between November 2005 and November 2007. No injuries have been reported."
We have very good friends who lost their second child to SIDS.
These poor people, while going thru the grief of losing their son they also had to deal with questioning by child services over how the child died.
When you child dies of SIDS, there is no 'innocent until proven guilty'....parents are treated as if something they did went wrong and then they get proven innocent from there.

They have always said absolutely no pillows in the crib....not even when they are toddlers and still sleeping in the crib...none at all. Pillows are for beds, not cribs. As far as bedding goes....well you don't want to put the kid to bed with NOTHING either, not with the way the winter has been this year.
Not even blanket-sleepers with the footsies are heavy enough to keep the babies warm this year.

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