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Thursday, February 28, 2008 - Senate votes Molnau out - Senate votes Molnau out:
"While Democrats vilified Pawlenty for vetoing gas tax increases three times to conserve his no-new-taxes pledge, they also complained that Molnau hadn't pushed hard enough for money and didn't have the credentials to lead a 4,500-person state agency that oversees more than 11,000 miles of highways and 2,700 bridges."
[clearing throat]a-hum, they are the ones who confirmed her into the position in the first place--so apparently they didn't have a problem with her credentials at the time...thank you.

So now we will have to come up with +$180,000/yr to pay for a new commish. **

See what they didn't tell the public, and have been keeping very quiet, is that Malnau chose to be paid her regular Liut. Gov. pay of $80,000 to save the taxpayer's money, instead of taking the higher pay.

What they also aren't telling you that she has gotten more road projects finished in the 5 yrs she was commish than any other commish for a comperable amount of time, that should say a LOT!

This was clear party politics....and the people will pay for it with their pocket books. And no, I do not think that the road projects will go any faster now that she's out of there....all I see is a new person coming in and asking for more money to finish the same projects.

**sorry mis-heard the numbers...the figure should be $108,ooo/yr

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