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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Vikings: Personality Clash takes toll

Vikings release QB Holcomb:
"Vikings release QB Holcomb

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Quarterback Kelly Holcomb was released Wednesday by the Minnesota Vikings, clearing room on the roster for another veteran to push starter Tarvaris Jackson.

Holcomb was 0-3 as a starter last season while Jackson was hurt. In his 11th year in the NFL, Holcomb completed only 50.6 percent of his passes (42-for-83) for 515 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.
After spot duty for Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo, Holcomb was traded to Philadelphia last March and then dealt to Minnesota during the last week of training camp when the Vikings were concerned about their depth at the position.
Jackson showed clear improvement down the stretch, but his erratic performances were a big reason why Minnesota missed the playoffs at 8-8. Coach Brad Childress has maintained that Jackson is still the starter, but has also left open the possibility of competition for the job.
Holcomb's departure means the Vikings will surely pursue another option through free agency or a trade, when the market opens early Friday.
Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press"
Riiiiight....that's it was Holcomb's fault the Vikings didn't make the playoffs. It wouldn't have anything to do with your piss poor coaching style and love for know the kid who is even less consistant than Holcomb.

Holcomb thru 83 passes and completed 50% of the time
Jackson thru 294 passes and only completed 58% of the time!
The question is, if Holcomb had thrown 294 passes what would his completion rate have been??
Holcomb played in only 3 games as the starter for his 2 touchdowns
Jackson played in 12 games and threw only 9 TDs....that's not good--even then his record was 8-4...that's only 66%
Holcomb threw a single (1) interception, Jackson threw 12!! C'mon, this isn't college FB here...this is the pros....that number should not be in the double digits!
Holcomb is good at a short game, Jackson is better at the long game.

Now why they would release Holcomb and keep Bollinger is beyond me...Bollinger was the worst last season!

Well I guess we will just have to see what August brings.

To bad we can't trade the coach---I'd rather have Tice back.

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