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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

FOLLOW UP:Voting irregularities

Clinton, Obama camps see voting problems (Ohio Primary 2008):
"...irregularities and inappropriate behavior by Sen. Obama’s campaign across the state,” including a certified Obama poll watcher being removed by the presiding judge in an Akron precinct for “aggressively challenging voters.”....
...Obama campaign disputed the Clinton camp's characterization of what happened in Akron, saying that after a poll worker was informed of the rules for observers, the Obama volunteer was allowed to perform his duties.
Well don't you think you should have trained your observers before you sent them out??? What is this crap?
There also were reports in Cincinnati of Obama poll watchers being reprimanded after wearing campaign paraphernalia into polling places, a violation of election law C'mon!
This is basic election law---how could they not know this?
This wasn't all.

The State's Attorney General had to send out a special email to Electin judges to let them know that letters from the Obama campaign office was not proof that they were certified observers, that the observers had to have an OFFICIAL document from the state saying they were trained & certified. Obama officials said the letters were just for 'identifying' which ones actually came from their campaign offices and not meant to be used to gain access to the polling sites. [yeah why would they have been mistaken? And why did your observers complain when the documents were questioned?]

Now my husband has gone thru the training in order to be Head Election Judge in our city if need be (although he hates having the extra stress that comes with it...good thing its a small town). The training is very thorough and I would assume that there is a simular training program for poll observers....or at least there should be.

We have been doing this for 230 years or would think we'd have gotten all the bugs worked out by now.

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