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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Remember I warned you 2

Angry Barack Obama bombarded by media:
"SAN ANTONIO, Tex. - An exasperated Barack Obama scurried away Monday from the toughest news conference of his campaign, telling reporters who kept shouting questions that he'd spent enough time on the grill.
'Come on! I just answered, like, eight questions,' Obama, looking surprised, told shouting reporters as he fled the room. 'We're running late.'"
Okay so what will he be like as a President?? So what questions was he avoiding you might ask....
The first question was about a private talk an Obama economic adviser had with a Canadian official - reportedly saying that the harshness of Obama's criticisms of the North American Free Trade Agreement was for political show.

Like he didn't know this question wasn't going to come up.
Last week, Obama denied an initial media report about the conversation. But after a Canadian government memo surfaced, he acknowledged yesterday there was a conversation.
Hmmm, imagine that.

The questioning then turned to Obama's links to ex-fund-raiser Tony Rezko, who went on trial in Chicago Monday on corruption charges. A reporter asserted Obama hadn't fully answered journalists' questions on Rezko...

... such as ones about fund-raisers Rezko held for him.

Hmmm, can we say "WaterGate"? can we say "White Water"? There is also a past dealing with Rezko and Obama over a land/property deal that I heard about on the news yesterday.

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