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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I think he missed the point

Okay so I'm watching Fox News (you know I can't go a day without talking politics) ... and they are showing clips of Barrack Obama's speech on race trying to defend his association with Rev. Wright who made the "Black Panther"-like speeches against the government. (see previous posts) and he starts comparing Rev. Wright to his white grandmother.

Why are they comparable in his mind?

Because his grandmother said that she worries when she's walking down the street and sees a group of black youth standing together. Um. I think that has to do more with experience and location, location, location than it does racism. I'm sorry but when I see a group of ANY race or mix of races standing together at night on the street I'm going to be leery of common self-defense sense.

Oh she made stereotypical/racist remarks in front of him ... okay ... we all know an older generation who grew up where this is the culture they lived in. and they don't believe in stepping on egg shells and just say what's on their minds.

He admitted that in the 20 yrs he had been going to the church he DID hear inflammatory statements while he sat in the pew and did nothing/said nothing about it. In fact until this speech he totally DENIED ever having heard it.

Hmmmm. Politics at a full run.

Now here is something new though -- apparently he (Barrack) wrote the speech himself and his advisers didn't get to look at it until JUST before he went out there. So these words he said are actually his own words.

I did find a link for the full transcript of the speech ... and it is a tad scary from the beginning ... at least from my point of view. He just doesn't see the harm that this Reverend's words have done. he cant see why so many people have an issue with his (Barrack's) not leaving this church when he realized what was going on. He can't seem to understand the way it makes it look as if he supports these feelings.

He doesn't understand the term "Guilt by Association" .... you know the same thing they are trying to pin on McCain .... well any republican actually. He doesn't understand that when you paint with a wide brush you are going to get a bit of paint on you too.

He did mention that the Rev. grew up in a time where discrimination was still the norm ... yes he (the Rev.) did. And while he might still speak of such things in private, the moment he steps onto those church steps, gets behind the pulpit ... he needs to reflect not only the views of his community but also those of his Church and Christ. The words that came from his mouth certainly would never have come from the Prince of Peace -- at least not the one I grew up with. [I do feel the need to point out that Rev. Wright is retiring soon, and that this move was set into motion long before the controversy started]

I will have to read the speech more thoroughly though because it starts out really strong, almost offensive against the founding fathers ... but then softens towards the end ... but then he totally loses his thoughts again at the very end.

It is just hard to pick apart. I think the best thing he can do is drop out. But then I never thought he should have ran in the first place .... I didn't like the way he approached this whole political mess to begin with. From his writing the book to 'defuse' any possible problems that might come from his past to his running before he even finished his first year of his first term to his saying 'I have no intention of running' when you know he really did ... to this mess with endorsements of him by controversial figureheads.
He just strikes me as a reincarnation of Nixon in many ways.

Yep. Your read it right .... I said Nixon. I think there's a lot of 'handling' going on on purpose for reasons of 'plausible deniablity' ... from his hooks with the guy being investigated by the feds, to this race debacle, to foreign ties, to radical groups. I just get a feeling that we will end up with another scandal like Watergate.

He makes me really uneasy. And the more I hear the more uneasy I become.

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