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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just shaking my head

My Way News - McCain Clinches GOP Nomination:
"John McCain clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday, an extraordinary comeback for a candidate whose White House hopes were dashed eight years ago and whose second bid was left for dead eight months ago"
Where is the party going with this? I have a feeling that not only is the magnetism of the Earth switching but so are those of the political parties.

Now not everything is daisies and roses in the democratic side either.

Clinton is accusing the Obama camp of many of the things that Gore accused the Bush camp of doing in FL.
Clinton supporters were being kept out of caucus', results were being announced on air before the polls had even closed possibly causing many voters into not turning out, and there was something about stealing of important documents from caucus sites so that the Clinton delegates couldn't fill out paperwork or something..its kind of cloudy to me.

Apparently the Clinton Election headquarters/hotline was jammed with HUNDREDS of complaints from people about what the Obama camp was doing.

Well---I wonder if this one will go to the Supreme Court? And what happens if she wins on grounds of fraudulent behavior? Does this mean they have a 'do-over'? Or does it mean that those delegates are pitched out? or does it mean that she automatically wins them all? Does it throw him out of the race completely?

Hmmm. You know in 2004 my daughter went as the scariest thing we could think of for Halloween.....

An Election Lawyer!

Gee, its a good thing we are showing other countries how good 'democracy' works.

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