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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

UPDATE:Voting Scandals continue

Emerging story:
Obama supporting judge extends voting hours in some precincts that are prodominately African-American. State Attorney tries to appeal when she finds there was no evidence given for why these districts needed extra time (such as extremely long lines, polling problems, etc)...but time runs out before she can get hearing.
UPDATE (11:36 pm CT)
Link to audio of Clinton Press conference where Obama council 'infiltrates' it.

The purpose of the Clinton campaign conference call was to accuse Obama's Texas backers of improperly padding [Obama's] caucus vote total.
The improper padding was allegedly done earlier in the day on Tuesday by getting primary voters who support Obama to fill out sign-in sheets all day long rather than waiting until the primary polls close and the caucus process formally gets underway. [Ginger Says: and this is what Clinton was complaining about before hand--it is ripe for scandal]

Allegations of sign-in sheets being filled out before the primary polls close is a serious allegation because the sign-in sheets are the equivalent of caucus votes. The Texas Democratic Party rules only require someone to sign their name and state their presidential preference; caucus participants are not required to attend the entire caucus meeting.

While the Texas Democratic Party has a formal process for challenging caucus sign-in sheets, it doesn't come until when the state Democratic Party holds its convention in June...[Ginger says: Yeah after all the damage is done!]

As soon as the operator opened up Bauer's line on a conference call, which was intended for reporters, the Obama lawyer began painting Clinton as a repeat caucus loser whose strategy is always to question the integrity of the caucus vote.

Wolfson concluded his exchange with Bauer in stride, saying, "We look forward to asking our own questions in subsequent phone calls of yours."
After Bauer got off the line following a few minutes of scathing rhetoric, a reporter asked Wolfson to identify the Obama lawyer who had called in. [Ginger says: So this guy didn't even have the nads to identify himself at the beginning of his call? Just what we need to have in a White House staffer, huh?]Wolfson spelled Bauer's name and accused him of having engaged in a "vigorous defense of the indefensible."

Link to original story

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