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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh please...this aint nothing to HIM - Al Franken To Pay $25K N.Y. Fine

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) ― Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken will pay a $25,000 fine to the state of New York for failure to carry workers' compensation insurance, his campaign said Thursday.The New York Workers' Compensation Board levied the fine against Alan Franken Inc. in August 2006, for not having the insurance from June 2002 to March 2005.....

....The state said it sent numerous notices to Franken's New York address, but Franken's campaign said he only learned of the fine this week after it was reported by a blogger. Franken moved to Minnesota around the time the fine was levied....

...Jess McIntosh, a campaign spokeswoman, said payment would be sent along with a letter that "says we believe this may be in error." Franken's accountant will look into whether the fine should be appealed, she said.....

First, whoever the blogger was that broke this story---GOOD JOB!
Now a couple of things this story tries to 'bury' in wordiness:
for three (3) YEARS he did not carry workers comp.
Over one (1) year ago the judgement came down
Franken claims he didn't know--Bolonga! you know he must have known

Okay...when you move you are supposed to file a 'mail forwarding' slip with the post office, you are also supposed to change your residency paperwork--so if he had done this NY would have known where to find him, thank you.
If he was expected to pay workers' comp then Franken had to have a business---I'm sorry but what kind of businessman DOEAN"T know what fines he has to pay??? Every quarter you have to fine with the IRS and state what things you have files...well actually you need to file both state and fed reports (I know this both FIL and my Dad own their own businesses).
If he couldn't keep his head wrapped around something as MAJOR as this (and yes anything that the gov says you have to have and you don't have is MAJOR) then what would make the voters think he wouldn't have the same cavalier attitude to State & Federal matters.

You know they can protest all they want when they send the payment---but paying it is admitting his guilt. The time to prove it was in error was at trial---and you can't say he didnt know about the trial/hearing either.

C'mon its NEW YORK .... they are going to dot their 'i's and cross their 't's on matters like this.

He's guilty .... guilty ..... guilty ..... GUILTY

My favorite bit from the story?
"As most small businesses know, when you're dealing with bureaucratic entities, sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes you do," McIntosh said.She said the fine would be paid by Alan Franken Inc., not his campaign

LOLOLOL .... this wasn't a mistake ma'am .... the closest he could come to it would be IGNORANCE and I'm sorry that's not the kind of senator I think the state needs to represent it in D.C.

I was also amused by the statement about how the fine would be paid....

Why did she feel the need to bring that up? Is he dishonest enough for it to be clarified? Hmmmm....I think most people would have assumed that he would have paid for it himself.
Especially because using campaign funds to pay it would be ILLEGAL!!!!

I'm telling scratch the surface of this guy and your going to find a pile of escrimant just looking for a way to make his next buck without actually having a viable life skill.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

This is the same state that put a Republican state senator on a spit because his kid tried to use his father's position to get out of an arrest .... the senator told the police to do whatever they would do for any other person--he didn't want anything to do with favors.....he came out and tld the public about it saying that every family has their own issues and they asked everyone to respect the families right to handle their son's problem in private not on the pages....

He got SKEWERED!!!!! People weren't listening to it. No one wanted to hear how it happened in a different state ... no one wanted to hear how his father made him go to court and defend his actions .... no one wanted to hear how this son had on-going problems which were never hidden, in fact it was all disclosed before his previous election...

the local media flambe'd this man to the point where he dropped out of the race and basically handed the seat to the democrat candidate just to give his family some peace and quiet.

Do you think they will do the same for Franken?

No. They've already forgiven the 'golden boy' and have tried to bury the story. No follow ups. No extra interviews. No hanging out around Franken's house, trampling down the daisies [okay, its winter and there are not daisies yet, but you know what i mean]

So where is Franken's crux?

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