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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DC is getting Gassy -- and boy are they FULL of it

Okay ... so its politicians gone wild.

They have this crazy idea that if they raise the gas-tax (federal tax) then it will make people conserve more. Only thing they will effect is the tourist trade.

If gas stays above $3/gal over the summer how many families to you think will be driving to places like the Grand Canyon or to Mount Rushmore??? They will do to the tourist business across the nation what the lack of snow did for Northern MN .... it will kill it.

Even if these families decide to RV it (which traditionally costs less than flying) they will be paying +$3/gal to feed a vehicle which gets about 10-15 miles/gal.

We want to take the kids to see Mount Rushmore ... actually we wanted to go 2 yrs ago before oldest got too old & had to work ..... okay so we are looking at 700 miles .... the family RV (owned by his folks for any one of the kids to borrow) gets 8 mi/gal. So that would be 87.5 gallons of gas (not counting idling, traffic, etc. just for straight driving) .... so that would equal $262.50 JUST for gas (if it stays the same) ....

now if they kick it up so that gas is $4/gal our trip = $350!

Okay still cheaper than flying, but still that's just for gas Add in food (because we will be needing something other than mom's cooking--there's no way I'm cooking the whole time -- I deserve a vacation too) , add in camping costs (we will want a place to hook up for electric & sewer) , and souvenirs (you know there has to be some of those).

But basically we are looking at spending at least $1000!

Hmmm, I guess that still is better than flying. Of course this would mean leaving our college aged son home alone so he can work while we go .... that doesn't seem very bright.

Oh well. Doubt it will happen this year though .... we have boy scout camp this summer and I'm not sure hubby would be up to going camping twice in the same year.

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