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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Time to create

Okay -- I have got to take a break from my tatting to make a quick gift for my brother's live-in girlfriend ... rather ironic, my other brother's live-in girlfriend I have always referred to as Aunt ### but this one I just can not bring myself to call her Aunt### to my kids, she is just "###" .... don't know what that's all about .... I like her, but it just doesn't 'feel right' to refer to her as a member of the family.

Anyways .... so we are celebrating March birthdays Sunday as long as everyone is together and BAM my dad tells me that she has a birthday this month as well and if they show up it would be nice if I had something for her. Great. No time for shopping -- plus I'm not sure of her tastes.

So its time to dig into the stash and make something in 2 days. So its Shawl-Time!!

I can whip one of those out. I have the perfect ladder/ribbon yarn to do it in .... I've been dieing to try it out. But I lost the pattern I had in mind for it .... and I can't find the other pattern I thought would look great.

So now what?

Why, do what I do best --- design my own!!! So look for a new pattern and progress photos to come.

You will need some balls of Dazzle ladder yarn
P hook
and quick fingers.

New post to come with the actual pattern

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