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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

breaking News: Hillary Clinton Campaign

Hillary took the podium in WV today ... she was expected to announce her dropping out of the race ... she started the speech talking about how she is looking foward to a week of speaking around the nation.

Last night she won ID but lost NC (I'm telling you, those people have gone insane down there) ... and there has been talk by several talk show hosts (most notably Tim Russert) that she should drop out. But really why should she?
I've heard it said that the only way she can win is with the superdelegates -- well NEITHER of them can win without the superdelegates, thank you.

It sounds to me like she is going the distance though ... I really hope she takes it all the way to the convention and fight for MI and FL's votes to count. I can understand the protest about MI -- Obama pulled his name off the ballot and Hill did not, so of course she won. But in FL they were both on the ticket and she still won!

Howard Dean needs to remember that the 2000 election came down to FL. The people in FL do not want Obama ... they made that very clear.

I have also heard grumblings about questionable election practices ... on talk radio, not by people I know personally, but people who were at the caucuses .. people who are 'election judges' so they know what is going on. But without substantiated proof, I will leave it at that -- although I have to say that I was surprised that the State didn't seem to take the allegations very seriously because they seemed to just gloss it over ... but it sounded pretty bad.

Any ways -- sorry Barrack people -- she did NOT announce that she was giving up.

She's going the distance!!!

Go Girl Go!!!

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