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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

He really suffers from 'Foot in Mouth' disease

Stephen King fires back after blogger attacks remarks:
"'That a right-wing-blog would impugn my patriotism because I said children should learn to read, and could get better jobs by doing so, is beneath contempt,' he [King] said in a statement posted on his Web site."
First -- bravo to Noel Sheppard who got acknowledgment for his comments about mr. King ... whatever it is he said it must have hit King hard between the eyes.

Second -- mr. King ... you better read your comment again. You DID imply that the people who go into the Army are uneducated ... or rather that those who are not doing well in school have no other option but to join the Army.

So what you are saying then is that Albert Einstein ... Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Records & airlines & phone company) ... or Picasso ... or Thomas Edison (who was actually expelled from school at age 12) ... or Joan de Arc ... or Whoopi Goldberg (who struggled thru school) ... or the kid down the street is too stupid to make much of themselves?

Mr. King -- you may be a best selling author ... but you apparently have forgot how to write (or say) the words "I'm Sorry"

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