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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Miss Information

Yes its me again.

Now we all know that the delegates could go either way at this point ... Obama has most of the caucus delegates but Hillary has most of the Superdelegates.

Now they are also making people think that its a race to be the first one to get there and that there is no way that they will tie ... but that's not necessarily true.

Even if Obama gets there first, there is still a chance that Hillary could make it too. WHy?

Because there is no way as things stand now that either of them will get the 2000 delegates needed....why? because of the FL & MI fiascos.

She will have the majority of the votes, though not delegates by the time the convention comes around. Obama is getting money hand-over-fist -- just think if those same people applied all that money to solving the energy crisis, education needs, or the homeless? - but then the Clinton's will be able to raise that much with just a few months of writing books and doing speech tours.

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