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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aww, C'mon!!

Source: Novak's Victim Worse Than First ThoughtABC 7 News:
"The pedestrian who was struck by prominent Washington columnist and commentator Robert Novak is in worse shape than first thought, a hospital source tells ABC 7 News.
The victim, a 66-year-old man, appeared somewhat incoherent, said the source who had seen the victim. The man appeared to have casts on his neck and back. The victim was X-rayed and a surgical team plans to evaluate him, the source said."
Okay you have to watch the video -- they show Novak's car .... not dent, no ding, nothing that collaborates the assuretion the 'witness' (a lawyer btw) says of a man spread across the hood ... not ANY indication that it was as bad as they claim.

I'm thinking a good lawyer got to him first -- the neck brace would have been standard procedure for an impact injury and the man was complaining about his arm shortly afterwards .... I hope he got some great photos of the car -- I hope he can use this particular video to show that there was NO damage to his car (it occurs during the interview of the witness/lawyer Bono)

Now they do mention that Novak had a run in with a jay walker a few years back -- but then who wouldn't have yelled at someone who just crosses out in front of on coming traffic. I'd like to say a few words too to the bicyclists who don't follow the traffic laws the way they should.

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