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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I can not make this up....

Denise Richards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Okay I swore I would never watch the new Denise Richards show, but this particular episode ('Bikini Shape") I happened to catch enough of a snippet of to make me curious.

Denise is so skinny so that she was asked to pose yet again for playboy (good role model there, ma'am) ... but she thinks she is fat in fact she wants to lose 10 lbs in 7 days. She even went so far as to try something called a Lemonade Diet.

But the thing that really made me want to watch wasn't her dysmorphic body image ... it was the dogs.

She has a dysfunctional pack where she isn't even leader .... she went to take them for a walk and one of them jumped up and snipped at her, but she did nothing to put it in its place.

Her dad said when she left for Hawaii he was putting the dogs in a kennel (they are so out of control I don't blame him one bit) ... but she whmpered and whined her way out of it all -- she even said that her dad is a big softy (he should have stuck to his guns ... they could have gotten some training at the damn kennel).

Anyhow - she starts calling in trainers. She lied to one of the trainers by saying she had never done it before --- but she had Cesar Milan come in to help her with Lucy over behavior problems ... at the time she had only the one ... so hey she has been thru it before.

And if you are having issues controlling one dog - hey why not get, um, 5 more!!

What an idiot! One trainer came to the door and her dog peed right in front of her ... so what did she do? wiped it up and did nothing to the dog.

Then all she did was put down the trainers that came in ... one worked with the reward method (he was very upfront that he could give the illusion that they were under control) but all she did was put him down - of course I didn't like him simply because he came off as someone who woke up one day and watched tv and said 'I can do that'.
The second was a pet-psychic ... as soon as the gal walked in the door the dogs got into a big fight with each other - not a good sign - but still this gal tried her best ... said the dog ate its poop because he didn't digest all the food (here's an idea -- PICK UP THE POOP!!!) and the peeing, the psychic said that there was a lot going on in the enviroment right now (that was hard to figure out, with a camera in your face!) - she's good.

Okay, I can make fun of these people ... I didn't call them in -- but Denise DID ... I would have thought she would have asked all this crap before hand - or rather her personal cabana-boy would have. You can tell it was just all a set up...even the sob story to convince DR not to send the dogs to a kennel (they would better at a shelter in my opinion).

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