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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm very confused right now -- according to the email I got from KnitPicks they shipped out my book order on July 21st, the website gave a tracking number but no list of service.

I had assumed that it was USPS since it was just books - makes sense, its cheaper -- so I tracked the package on their site.

But the USPS site said that they didn't get notice that a package was coming until yesterday.

I've run into this before with other companies though - so my guess is the problem (lagging reports) is coming from the USPS.

I was hoping I would have my books for vacation - so I can start finding patterns for my partner's socks .... I want a variety of patterns picked so when I learn my partner's house I can decide whichone would be best.

After all a pattern for Gryffindor red/gold would not look as nice in Ravenclaw blue/silver .... a pattern good from Slytherin emerald/silver would not be good for Hufflepuff yellow/black. (I've already had a Hufflepuff partner so I hope I get one of the other houses).
Follow up: *11:37pm CDT

Okay checked the USPS site again tonight and now they say the package is already in the main distribution center and should be here probably tomorrow.

Had a feeling the issue was with the post office and not Knit Picks -- I've never had a problem with them.

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