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Friday, July 25, 2008

Reality TV: Greatest American Dog

Okay so my hubby's best friend got us curious about this new show on CBS - America's Greatest Dog or Greatest American Dog, or something like that. Well I got really curious and decided to check out a couple of the previous episodes ... well the last one shocked me.


Well they had one dog attack another and not get expelled (which I believe he should have) and judging by all the other dog owners' responses I think they all would have supported it (except for the poor guy that got booted).

Actually my issue isn't so much the fight ... its that (a)blood was drawn and (b)the dog's owner didn't seem concerned one way or the other about it. Its not like the time that my husky got into a fight defending himself against my SILs dog who lunged at my tethered dog for no reason ... that was a self-defense bite that wound up bleeding, it was given as her dog was trying to pin my dog to go for its neck .... not this one was by the eye and no reason for the fight was evident (although it was a very quick scrap).

The second thing that shocked me was the judges reaction to how one handler handled her dog -- granted I thought she was being a bit rough at some places (clamping the dog's mouth till it yelped) -- but what got me was the judge who made the fuss about it.

I wish they had the embed code up for this one yet - I did d/l it to real vid but was afraid it would violate some copyright if I put it up here - anyways, Elan (Kenji's owner, Kenji is the biggest dog there) has a tendency of making a loud, annoying sound to correct the dog .... which the judge Victoria found really really annoying.

If you have EVER watched Victoria's show on Animal Planet (Its Me or the Dog) - she is using these loud annoying sounds ALL THE TIME (which is why I can't stand her) ... and here she is being so annoyed with it that it actually caused Elan/Kenji to get booted. Now granted that Kenji did break the sit/stay, but still it was NOT as bad as the woman who kept dressing her dog in full-length dresses! And then ARGUED with the judges over their no no...she should have been the one to go home.

There was one incident earlier where Kenji wanted to play with another dog during a challenge (not the one in front of the judges) where he growled ... and I think that is why he was eliminated. I think the judges wanted to get the Schnauzer out of there because they have a bad rep (they were after all bred to be police dogs and fighters) - but still I don't think the dog did anything that needed to be eliminated for.

The handler could be worked with to not make the annoying noises - but the one who dressed the dog ... I think the only reason she got to stay was because she played the sympathy card over her dog's recent operation ... I'm sorry but from what she said, and the way she acted she will ALWAYS dress that dog like a 'barbie doll'.

They let the wrong dog go in this episode.

I won't tell what happened this week in case someone is waiting to watch it ... but I'm not sure I will watch it again - I can't stand the judge.

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