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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Presidential Initials

List of Presidents of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Okay so recent post (last one) made we wonder about Presidential initials .... Barack's initials are 'BO'

So before I jump off task -- here is a quicky chart of our Presidents and their initials:

# 2IN 3IN President
1 GW G_W George Washington
2 JA J_A John Adams, Jr.

3 TJ TJJ Thomas James Jefferson
4 JM J_M James Madison, Jr.
5 JM J_M James Monroe
6 JA JQA John Quincy Adams
used middle name to distinguish himself from his father, John Adams Jr.)
7 AJ A_J Andrew Jackson
8 MvB MvB Martin Van Buren
(not sure how a initials of a double-lastname works)
9 WH WHH William Henry Harrison
10 JT J_T John Tyler
11 JP JKP James Knox Polk
12 ZT Z_T Zachary Taylor
13 MF M_F Milard Fillmore (only a single 'L' in Milard)
14 FP F_P Franklin Pierce (often a 'K' is used for a middle initial but there are no official records alluding to it, according to Wikipedia it could be a reference to his mother's maiden name)
15 JB J_B James Buchanan
16 AL A_L Abraham (Abe) Lincoln
17 AJ A_J Andrew Johnson
18 UG USG Ulysses Simpson Grant
19 RH RBH Rutherford Birchard Hayes
20 JG JAG James Abram Garfield
21 CA CAA Chester Alan Arthur
22 GC SGC Stephen Grover Cleveland
23 BH B_H Benjamin Harrison
24 GC SGC (Cleveland's second term)
25 WmK WmK William McKinley
26 TR T_R Theodore (Teddy, TR) Roosevelt
27 WT WHT William Howard Taft
28 WW TWW Thomas Woodrow Wilson
29 WH WGH Warren Gamaliel Harding
30 CC JCC John Calvin Coolidge
31 HH HCH Herbert Clark Hoover
32 FR FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt
33 HT HST Harry S. Truman(his middle name was 'S' just 'S')
34 JK JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy
35 LJ LBJ Lyndon Baines Johnson
36 RN RMN Richard Milhous Nixon
37 GF GRF Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.
38 JC JEC James (Jimmy) Earl Carter, Jr.
39 RR RWR Ronald Wilson Reagan
40 GB GHWB George Herbert Walker Bush(only president with TWO middle names)
41 BC WJC William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton
42 GB GWB George Walker Bush
43 ?? ??? Now that is the question isn't it?

A few notes:
for 2IN (first/last name) ... I used the name they ran under (such as BC for Bill Clinton instead of WC for William Clinton); I wasn't sure how McNames & VanNames worked so I put the prefix in lower case.

for 3IN (first/middle/last name) ... many Presidents did not have a middle name. Some used their middle name to run (Calvin Coolidge for instance), so their real first name is italicized.

Full Names:
There have been several "Jr"s, whether they used the Jr in their campaign or not - I have included them in the full name section.

You will notice some middle names have been italicized ... well that's just a quirk where I got a kick out of their middle names - ones you don't hear much of ... such as 'Knox' and 'Milhous" ... but most refer to lineage of the person. (My favorite is Rudolph, but then its my very favorite holiday show).

Only one president has TWO middle names, thus 4IN - George HW Bush (current president's father).

One president has initials that we would find offensive (MF = Milard Fillmore) but at the time the offensive language we would associate with it was not used, first reference is in 1928 or 1933 depending on the form used.

So the current Presidential hopefuls??

BO BHO Barack Hussein Obama
JmC JSmC John Sidney McCain III (the third)

Just for info - not a political stance by anymeans.

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