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Sunday, July 13, 2008

No Bias there, huh?

For some, schoolhouse is history. For U, it's a hazard. -
"The University of Minnesota, which owns the property, will level the 1873 schoolhouse in August and build the new Bell Museum of Natural History in its place."
So let's see ... the people who own the property and already have made plans for it, are also the ones determining whether the existing building can be saved .... nope no conflict there --- much!

We grew up just on the outskirts of the U of M. My folks own a peice of prime realestate that the U wanted for staff housing during the 60's & 70's but my folks weren't interested in selling. Suddenly permit requests from my parents to improve/expand the house began to get turned down left & right. While we had no proof it was always felt that the U was behind it trying to 'force' my folks to move -- almost worked too.

Now the U seems to just snap their fingers and the state folds to their whim. I was so glad to see them stand up for once and say 'no' to the U's idea of the LRT route thru the main campus. Whoo-hoo.

Now they are going to let the U bulldoze down a site that is fixable -- they decontaminate sites of lead & asbestos all the time, this is nothing new. It is too bad that the renovation in the 30's keeps it off the historical lists -- I'm sure at the time it wouldn't have ... but then Iwould think they could try to get it preserved as a 1930's historical site -- but i bet the U would block that too.

As a graduate of the UofM all I can say is ....

Greedy Bastards.

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