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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I do believe in Fairies, I do believe in fairies

Okay so this is a REAL photo I found on FoxNews ... the cat is in China - the owner claims that it was caused by stress by too many females trying to mate with it.
Okay ... so by that theory, there are an awful lot of men in Hollywood hiding something.
It was supposed to have occured affter an extreme hot-spell in the area so my guess is that it is just highly matted hair ... especially since the owner cut one of them off so that the cat wouldn't fly away.
Okay - now that's pretty bad when the owner would think it was really possible for the cat to fly away with these little things -- it just isn't physically possible .... even bumble bees have a firm structure to their wings, some sort of armiture to them, there just is no way that the owner could cut them off and not harm the cat if this were true of these wings.

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